Today was campus orientation day for new incoming students starting Spring Semester (which starts Monday). The library has used a video for the last several years – at least since I started here almost six years ago. We try to get a few years out of each recording so they don’t feel too dated. That, along with the fact we’ve had a little staff turnover the past few years, dictates the need to produce a new video this summer (if we continue to go with this medium for orientation). Our current video is a news show format with some short ‘commercials’ to change the pace a bit. Previously the video was a skit about a student’s journey through the research process.

I’m not sure what we’ll try for the coming year, but it is likely time to start thinking and gathering a team to produce it. I’ve been wondering about trying to get some people outside the library involved a bit more with this, but it may be too late at this point. One of our student workers who is in a music program here, works for a recording studio, and has a band, volunteered to work on a song for the new video. It could be a great way to add something different to the mix next year. We try for around a 20 minute video (with opening and closing credits).

We have several learning objectives we want to hit with the video – pretty basic stuff. There is a library. It has a second floor. The people are helpful. We have the resources your professors will accept for academic college level work. Etc….

I’ll update more on this as we develop a plan.

Campus (& Library) Orientation
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