I spent some time with my brother over the weekend working on my wife’s car. As side diversionary conversation we talked a bit about our Android devices. My brother has a Droid, which he got soon after the first model came out, so I was asking for some good app recommendations. He is an ardent user of his phone and most of the apps he uses (aside from Facebook) are productivity related, e.g. automotive diagnostic tools, location aware services, writing/notes, file/phone/computer management stuff, and etc…. He sent me a list of the apps he has installed and likes, so I’ve been adding apps that look the most relevant to my intended use and exploring them a bit.

Now that I am starting to use my phone more I decided to set up the seven home screens to collocate the apps/widgets along lines of similar functionality. So, the main screen has calendar, time, and weather widgets, along with some device controls and major apps. Another screen for location/travel/auto related info. A screen for reading, library use, and music & book shopping. A screen for communication via email, phone, text, etc. One for media. Another for news. And one for file and device management, along with other random stuff.

In the future I’ll talk more about some of the interesting uses I find for the phone, including talking about some of the specific apps.

Setting up my Droid X (More)
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