I’ve been dealing with some issues with Drupal, the content management system running this site, and Godaddy, the hosting provider I’m using. It seems there have been longstanding problems with the two systems playing nicely together, but for now I’m trying to make the best of where I’m at. I chose Godaddy because my brother has a hosting plan on which he let me install this site for the low low cost of free. Of course there is always a price to something.

Lately my site was getting a lot of server 500 errors. It seemed to be a Godaddy thing, but they never really said what they were doing, just sent me a report letting me know some ways to make my site work better. I’m planning on looking into these issues and seeing how to speed thing up. Perhaps I need to try a new theme – or maybe my playing around with Drupal should go back to my development server.

There are still a number of functions I’d like to add to the site and all, but it has been a good excercise and I have learned a lot – which really was the point of putting my MLIS Portfolio and Directed Fieldwork materials here, rather than simply making a simpler html site.

Dealing with Technical Issues
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