I’ve been trying to figure out how to make Drupal display only one blog – mine. Evidently the core blog module is set up to create multiple blogs, all of which could be published on the front page, but also all reside in the blog section as well as on an individual user’s blog. So, for a person – say, me – who only wants one blog, this means my posts are all in several places on different pages. I’ve read how I can change the core module to not show ‘David’s Blog’ as a link at the bottom of each post or create a CCK content type, or use the story content type or…. I think I need to do some more work figuring out the structure of my site, but I know I want one blog which resides under the blog menu item and allows tags, comments, archives, etc….maybe I really should just switch to WordPress for that…. I also want the other sections for projects I’m working on, my portfolio for my program, and anything else that comes to mind. Anyway, hopefully this next week I’ll have more time to mess around with things and get it figured out to my satisfaction.

Testing CCK
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