So, I haven’t done any blogging since I quit my last full-time job to concentrate on the second year of my graduate program. I’m enrolled in the Masters in Library and Information Science program at the Information School of the University of Washington. I’ve been thinking about starting up a little website to contribute some of my thoughts about things I’m learning about in school, as well as things I’m trying to pay attention to that are going on ‘out there’, so I thought a good way to get things rolling is to dusts off my old blog from one of the WEB 2.0 learning programs we ran through at the library I worked at previously.

There are also several technology related components I’d like to explore and gain some hands on experience with before finishing up this year – I hope to install Drupal and Moodle on a server and play around with tailoring those as a staff intranet. I hope to spend some time installing and working with both Koha and Evergreen open-source ILS systems. I have a server that I just set up running Debian Linux – so I guess I should learn a bit more about that, too. Oh, and some PHP, MySQL, um….and a ton of other stuff.

First though, I need to figure out how to add my domains to my brother’s hosting provider. Oh, and stay up with all my classes as this new quarter gets underway.

Begin Again
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