Today we talked about adding some new ways to communicate with one another. New ways to share information that may be relevant today or perhaps next year. We are looking into ways this could be realized. We talked about (re)setting up the librarydroppins blog and we are starting working on that. We are also going to look for information on what other libraries may be using. I am looking into what may be available for hosting on our server and see what we would need to do to set that up.

We also talked about adding a chat/IM feature for when the computer lab moves upstairs – that way students can call for help from their computers and perhaps we can help them remotely or go to them if need be. I added the meebo me widget to my sidebar. We gave it a try and things worked fine from both ends. We thought IM might be a nice intra-staff communication mechanism as well as possibly opening it up to the public website at some point.

More digging around and research will be needed as we look into what to use and what meets our needs the best. Perhaps mediawiki, drupal, edublog, or some other software would be an option for communication and sharing. More to come on chat/IM stuff.

Trying some new things
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