I received training in the use of the Ektron Content Management System recently adopted by the Seattle University campus. I was going to spend more time assisting the library web team in finalizing the migration of the library web site from its current server into the campus’ new CMS, but a delay in the implementation schedule by the campus IT department resulted in putting several projects off to a later date. I did migrate a web guide for using RefWorks that will be linked from the RefWorks page, but is awaiting approval from the library web team. I also created the pages that host the database demonstrations created in the Database Demonstration and Training Tutorials Project.

This project required some research into hosting Flash .swf files on the CMS. The default CMS solution isn’t very elegant or full featured. Hopefully in the future the campus IT department will implement a nice Flash player that will allow the movies to be embedded in a single page rather than exist separately on individual pages. This should also alleviate the problem I experienced when I tried loading several of the Flash files created with Captivate into the CMS – they will not play. The items from Jing would play, but would not resize. Currently I have several files hosted at Screencast.com and embedded in the web page. This took extra time to resize the items to fit on the Library site once they are embedded. And, each movie needs to preload, so this takes a lot of time with so many videos embedded on the page.  So, the next step is to see about hosting the movies on the Library’s YouTube page or their Flickr account and then embed that content in the tutorial page. That work should be finished up by Friday June 5th.