The project for this section was to create a core collection of both print and electronic books to support new courses in computer game development and graphics in support of the Computer Science department. I selected the eighty-seven electronic book titles in the Safari List using the Safari ebook collection management interface with a total equivalent expenditure of $3808.99. I also selected the fifty-six titles in print listed in the Blackwell List using the Blackwell collection management online tools. with and estimated total expenditure of $3241.02.


 Safari List

Title Author Publisher ISBN Price
3D Game Programming All in One, Second Edition Kenneth C Finney. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00155 $54.99
3D Game Programming for Teens Eric D. Grebler. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00208 $29.99
3D Programming for Windows®: Three-Dimensional Graphics Programming for the Windows Presentation Foundation Charles Petzold. Microsoft Press 9780735623941 $39.99
3ds Max Animation with Biped Michele Bousquet. Michael McCarthy. New Riders 321375726 $49.99
3ds Max® 8 FundaMentals Ted Boardman. New Riders 321412532 $45.00
ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University Gary Rosenzweig. Que 9780789737021 $49.99
Adobe® Illustrator® CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques David Karlins. Adobe Press 9780321618207 $24.99
Adobe® Illustrator® CS4 on Demand Steve Johnson – Perspection, Inc.. Que 9780768687934 $29.99
Advanced 2D Game Development Jonathan S. Harbour Course Technology PTR 9781598633429 $49.99
Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One Kenneth C. Finney. Course Technology 1592007333 $59.99
AI for Game Developers David M. Bourg. Glenn Seemann. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 596005555 $39.95
AI Game Development: Synthetic Creatures with Learning and Reactive Behaviors Alex J. Champandard. New Riders 1-5927-3004-3 $49.99
AI Techniques for Game Programming Mat Buckland. Premier Press 193184198X $59.99
Analog In, Digital Out: Brendan Dawes on Interaction Design Brendan Dawes. New Riders 321429168 $39.99
Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design Andrew Rollings. Ernest Adams. New Riders 1-592-73001-9 $54.99
Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required, Third Edition Jason Darby. Course Technology PTR 9781584505341 $49.99
Beginning Game Art in 3ds Max® 8 Les Pardew. Dan Whittington. Course Technology PTR 9781592009084 $29.99
Beginning Game Graphics Harry J. Evry. Course Technology 159200430X $29.99
Beginning Game Level Design John Feil. Marc Scattergood. Course Technology 1592004342 $29.99
Beginning Game Programming Michael Morrison. Sams 672326590 $39.99
Beginning Game Programming with Flash® Hamsa Suri. Lakshmi Prayaga. Course Technology PTR 9781598633986 $29.99
Beginning Game Programming, Second Edition Jonathan S. Harbour. Course Technology PTR 9781598632880 $29.99
Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games Les Pardew. Course Technology 1592004954 $29.99
Beginning Java™ Game Programming, Second Edition Jonathan S. Harbour. Course Technology PTR 9781598634761 $29.99
Beginning Math and Physics for Game Programmers Wendy Stahler. New Riders 735713901 $45.00
Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers Ph.D., John P Flynt. Boris Meltreger. Course Technology PTR 9781598632903 $29.99
Blender 3D: Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery: Create photorealistic 3D architectural visualizations of buildings, interiors, and environmental scenery Allan Brito. Packt Publishing 9781847193674 $44.99
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4, Second Edition Jasmin Blanchette. Mark Summerfield. Prentice Hall 9780137143979 $59.99
Creating Game Art for 3D Engines Brad Strong. Course Technology PTR 9781584505488 $49.99
Cross-Platform Game Programming Steven Goodwin. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00131 $49.95
Darkstar: The Java Game Server Brendan Burns. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596514846 $9.99
Designing and Engineering Time: The Psychology of Time Perception in Software Ph.D. Steven C. Seow. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321562944 $39.99
Designing Gestural Interfaces, 1st Edition Dan Saffer. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596156756 $49.99
Designing Interfaces Jenifer Tidwell. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 596008031 $49.95
Developing Online Games: An Insider’s Guide Jessica Mulligan. Bridgette Patrovsky. New Riders 1-5927-3000-0 $49.99
Developing Serious Games Bryan Bergeron. Course Technology PTR 9781584504443 $44.95
Digital Character Animation 3 George Maestri. New Riders 321376005 $50.00
Digital Character Painting Using Photoshop® CS3 Don Seegmiller. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00195 $49.99
Digital Lighting & Rendering, Second Edition Jeremy Birn. New Riders 321316312 $55.00
Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel® Painter™ X Rhoda Grossman. Course Technology PTR 9781598634044 $34.99
Emergence in Games Penny Sweetser. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00114 $49.99
Exploiting Online Games: Cheating Massively Distributed Systems Greg Hoglund. Gary McGraw. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780132271912 $44.99
Flash CS4 Professional Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide Russell Chun. Peachpit Press 9780321610508 $39.99
Flash CS4: The Missing Manual Chris Grover. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596156770 $39.99
Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move! Keith Peters. Apress 9781590597910 $39.99
Game Character Animation All in One Les Pardew. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00209 $49.99
Game Character Design Complete: Using 3ds Max® 8 and Adobe® Photoshop® CS2 David Franson. Eric Thomas. Course Technology PTR 9781598632705 $39.99
Game Character Development Antony S Ward. Course Technology PTR 9781598634655 $44.99
Game Creation for Teens Jason Darby. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00153 $29.99
Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition Maneesh Sethi. Course Technology 1592008348 $29.99
Game Scripting Mastery Alex Varanese. Premier Press 1931841578 $59.99
Game Testing All in One Charles P. Schultz. Robert Bryant. Ph.D. Tim Langdell,. Course Technology 1592003737 $49.99
Gaming Hacks Simon Carless. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 596007140 $24.95
Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists Joseph Nalven. JD Jarvis. Course Technology 1592009182 $39.99
GPU Gems 2: Programming Techniques for High-Performance Graphics and General-Purpose Computation Matt Pharr. Randima Fernando. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321545411 $69.99
GPU Gems 3 Hubert Nguyen. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321545428 $69.99
GPU Gems: Programming Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Real-Time Graphics Randima Fernando. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321545404 $69.99
Illustrator CS3 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide Elaine Weinmann. Peter Lourekas. Peachpit Press 9780321549969 $29.99
Information Dashboard Design, 1st Edition Stephen Few. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 596100167 $34.99
Inside LightWave v9 Dan Ablan. New Riders 9780321426840 $59.99
Introducing 3ds Max® 2008 Dariush Derakhshani; Randi L. Munn John Wiley & Sons 470184949  
iPhone SDK Application Development, 1st Edition Jonathan Zdziarski. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596156282 $34.99
Learning XNA 3.0, 1st Edition   O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596154905 $34.99
Mastering Digital 2D and 3D Art Les Pardew. Don Seegmiller. Course Technology 1592005616 $39.99
Maya 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide Morgan Robinson. Nathaniel Stein. Peachpit Press 9780321476753 $34.99
Maya® Feature Creature Creations, Second Edition Todd Palamar. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00178 $49.99
MEL Scripting a Character Rig in Maya Chris Maraffi. New Riders 9780321604125 $50.00
Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Inside Out Mark H. Walker. Microsoft Press 9780735623293 $44.99
Microsoft® Visual Basic® Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition Jonathan S. Harbour. Course Technology PTR 9781598633900 $29.99
Microsoft® XNA™ Game Studio Unleashed Chad Carter. Sams 9780768688900 $49.99
OpenGL® Distilled Paul Martz. Addison-Wesley Professional 321336798 $34.99
OpenGL® ES 2.0 Programming Guide Aaftab Munshi. Dan Ginsburg. Dave Shreiner. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321563835 $54.99
OpenGL® Programming on Mac OS® X: Architecture, Performance, and Integration Robert P. Kuehne. J. D. Sullivan. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321356529 $49.99
OpenGL® Shading Language, Second Edition Randi J. Rost. Addison-Wesley Professional 321334892 $64.99
OpenGL® SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference, Fourth Edition Richard S. Wright Jr.. Benjamin Lipchak. Nicholas Haemel. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321498823 $59.99
Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual Lesa Snider King. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596156794 $49.99
Programming the Cell Processor: For Games, Graphics, and Computation Matthew Scarpino. Prentice Hall 9780137156115 $69.99
PSP Hacks C.K. Sample III. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 596101430 $29.99
Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train, and Inform David Michael. Sande Chen. Course Technology 1592006221 $34.99
The Animator’s Reference Book Les Pardew. Ross S. Wolfley. Course Technology 1592006752 $39.99
The Cg Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to Programmable Real-Time Graphics Randima Fernando. Mark J. Kilgard. Addison-Wesley Professional 9.78032E+12 $54.99
The Creative Digital Darkroom Katrin Eismann. Sean Duggan. O’Reilly Media, Inc. 9780596100476 $49.99
The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners Jacob Habgood. Mark Overmars. Apress 9781590596159 $39.99
The Official: Luxology® Modo® Guide, Version 301 Daniel M. Ablan. Course Technology PTR 30000LTI00179 $49.99
User Interface Design for Mere Mortals® Eric Butow. Addison-Wesley Professional 9780321447739 $49.99
Video Game Design Revealed Guy W. Lecky-Thompson. Course Technology PTR 9781584505624 $39.99
XNA™ Game Studio Express: Developing Games for Windows® and the Xbox 360™ Joseph B Hall. Course Technology PTR 9781598633689 $49.99



 Blackwell List

Title Author Publisher ISBN Price
3D game environments : create professional 3D game worlds Ahearn, Luke. Focal Press 240808959 49.95
3D game programming : using DirectX 10 and OpenGL Rautenbach, Pierre. Cengage Learning 1844808777 61.95
3ds Max modeling : bots, mechs, and droids Weimer, Jon. Wordware Publishing 1598220446 44.95
A commands guide for SolidWorks 2009 Planchard, David. Delmar Learning 1435480732 69.95
A modern approach to intelligent animation : theory and practice Zhuang, Yueting. Springer Verlag 3540737596 119
Action! : acting lessons for CG animators Kundert-Gibbs, John L. Sybex Inc 470227435 39.99
An introduction to computer graphics and creative 3-D environments Blundell, Barry. Springer Verlag 1848000413 69.95
Beyond game design : nine steps towards creating better videogames  Bateman, Chris Charles River Media 1584506717 39.99
Body language : advanced 3D character rigging Allen, Eric M. Wiley Publishing Inc 470173874 49.99
Challenges for game designers Brathwaite, Brenda. Charles River Media 158450580X 24.99
Cinematic game secrets for creative directors and producers : inspired techniques from industry legends Newman, Rich. Focal Press 240810716 39.95
Color correction for video : using desktop tools to perfect your image Hullfish, Steve. Focal Press 240810783 49.95
Compositing visual effects : essentials for the aspiring artist Wright, Steve. Focal Press 240809637 34.95
Computer facial animation Parke, Frederic I. A K Peters Ltd 1568814488 79
Computer graphics for artists : an introduction Paquette, Andrew. Springer Verlag 1848001401 59.95
Cross platform game development Thorn, Alan. Wordware Publishing 159822056X 44.95
Data-driven 3D facial animation Deng, Zhigang Springer-Verlag London Ltd. 1846289068 99
Digital art masters   Focal Press 240521196 39.95
Digital character development : theory and practice O’Neill, Rob. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 123725615 69.95
Digital modeling of material appearance Dorsey, J. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 122211812 69.95
Digital storytelling : a creator’s guide to interactive entertainment Miller, Carolyn Handler. Focal Press 240809599 39.95
Essential CG lighting techniques with 3ds Max Brooker, Darren. Focal Press 024052117X 49.95
Essentials of interactive computer graphics : concepts and implementation Sung, Kelvin. A K Peters Ltd 1568812574 84
Game art complete : all-in-one : learn Maya, 3ds Max, zBrush, and Photoshop winning techniques  Gahan, Andrew Focal Press 024081147X 69.95
Game design workshop : a playcentric approach to creating innovative games Fullerton, Tracy. Focal Press 240809742 44.95
Game development essentials : game audio development Marks, Aaron. Delmar Learning 1428318062 57.95
Game development essentials : game level design. Castillo, Travis. Delmar Learning 1401878644 51.95
Game development essentials : gameplay mechanics Novak, Jeannie. Delmar Learning 1418052698 57.95
Game development essentials : online game development Hall, Rick. Delmar Learning 1418052671 57.95
Game feel : a game designer’s guide to virtual sensation Swink, Steve. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 123743281 44.95
Game graphics programming Sherrod, Allen. Charles River Media 1584505168 64.99
Game sound : an introduction to the history, theory, and practice of video game music and sound design Collins, Karen. MIT Press 026203378X 28
Game usability : advice from experts for advancing the player experience  Isbister, Katherine. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 123744474 44.95
GPU-based techniques for global illumination effects Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo. Morgan and Claypool Publishers 1598295594 50
Interactive computer graphics : a top-down approach using OpenGL Angel, Edward. Addison Wesley Publishing Company 321535863 121.8
Introduction to 3D game programming with DirectX 10 Luna, Frank D. Wordware Publishing 1598220535 49.95
Introduction to computer graphics using Java 2D and 3D Klawonn, Frank. Springer-Verlag London Ltd. 1846288479 39.95
Learning XNA 3.0 Reed, Aaron. O’Reilly Media Inc 596521952 34.99
Motion graphic design : applied history and aesthetics Krasner, Jon S. Focal Press 240809890 49.95
Multiplayer gaming and engine coding for the Torque Game Engine Maurina, Edward F. A K Peters Ltd 1568814224 64
Poly-modeling with 3ds Max : thinking outside the box Daniele, Todd. Focal Press 240810929 49.95
Professional techniques for video game writing  Despain, Wendy. A K Peters 156881416X 39
Programming video games for the evil genius Cinnamon, Ian. McGraw Hill Companies 71497528 24.95
Quests : design, theory, and history in games and narratives Howard, Jeff. A K Peters Ltd 1568813473 49
Shader X6 : advanced rendering techniques  Engel, Wolfgang. Charles River Media 1584505443 59.99
The art and science of digital compositing : techniques for visual effects, animation and motion graphics Brinkmann, Ron. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 123706386 69.95
The art and technique of digital color correction Hullfish, Steve. Focal Press 240809904 49.95
The art of game design : a book of lenses Schell, Jesse. Morgan Kaufmann Publications 123694965 59.95
The complete guide to game audio : for composers, musicians, sound designers, and game developers Marks, Aaron. Focal Press 240810740 39.95
The complete guide to torque X Kanalakis, John. A K Peters Ltd 1568814216 59
The game production handbook Chandler, Heather Maxwell. Jones & Bartlett Publishers 1934015407 57.95
The RenderMan shading language guide Cortez, Rudy “Don”. Course Technology 1598632868 49.99
The video game theory reader 2  Perron, Bernard. Routledge 041596282X 125
Understanding video games : the essential introduction Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Simon. Routledge 415977207 125
Vector graphics and illustration : a master class in digital image-making Harris, Jack. Rotovision SA 2888930110 30
Videogame, player, text  Atkins, Barry. Manchester University Press 719074002 84.95