In 2009 I created a Drupal-based website I for my Directed Fieldwork (DFW), a.k.a. internship, at Seattle University’s Lemieux Library while a graduate student at the University of Washington Information School. I started out on an Ubuntu Linux testing server running a site on Joomla, a content management system (CMS), but soon switched to Drupal (version 6). I added my portfolio to the website to fulfill a graduation requirement for my Master of Library and Information Science degree. I moved the old blog portion of the website (which I started on Blogger initially as a continuing education project in my first full-time library job), and any additional content, to this WordPress site.

I upgraded to Drupal 7 in 2018 after support ended for Drupal 6. I removed Drupal from my server in 2020 as I don’t have time to maintain the site and upgrades/updates as needed. I imported the content from the old site even though it is over ten years old and doesn’t hold much relevance anymore. Here’s the drupal portion of on where you can see portions of the site as it was after I initially switched to WordPress.