So, I finally got back around to messing with my Drupal installation. I think I figured out the blog problem. Thankfully I hadn’t entered much content into the blog module (which is designed to set up multiple blogs per site, rather than just one blog). In my post about Testing CCK I mentioned creating a new content type. I finally played around with another module, Views, and figured out how to create a page that shows content according to various criteria. I created a new Page View that I called Blog and indicated that anything with the content type blogging that is published will go to this page. I also made it a menu item in my primary menu. The views section also has an archive option that should allow me to make a page and a block where people can find material by date. Also has some pretty neat other features that I hope to get set up soon.
I am almost finished with the parts for my portfolio, which should be making their way up on the site soon. I hope to get a couple relevant projects displayed on my projects pages too, but that may need to wait a bit yet. Now there is nothing stopping me from spending a few minutes each day ruminating on the state of libraries, information, and technology – at least as far as feeling good about the site architecture and all that – making the time is another story.

Almost There
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