Creating new habits is always difficult. I hope to add blogging to the list of things I do on a semi-weekly basis, at least, if not daily. Several of my recent classes have had a larger discussion element to them, which is an area I could do better in, but writing on a regular basis is less emphasized.

I was always disappointed with how little writing we did in the classes for my English major during my undergraduate days. I am one of those people who likes a little time to process my thoughts and am less prone to just open my mouth and think off the cuff (which is a skill that seems necessary when attempting to contribute to a flowing and dynamic conversation among 15 to 30 people).

Hopefully I can utilize this blogging format as an area to develop and share some of the things I find important and interesting in the material covered in my classes as well as in stuff currently occurring in libraries around the world.

New Habits
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